Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Small Wind New Rules (Full County Connections)

Vertical Axis Wind TurbineVT News - Virginia Tech-YMCA wind and solar project dedication ceremony kicks off Sustainability Week

Real World tests of small wind turbines

New River Valley - Power of Wind - read the full article here.

Earth Policy Insitute: Wind Power soared past 150,000 MW in 2009

NPR: Windpower - Buy America?

Xcel Energy stores 1MW wind Energy

Solar Burnout

Wiring America for Green Power

Troubleshooting Small Wind-Electric Systems

Legislators could do more about rates, efficiency - Richard Hirsh

Virginia Tech, YMCA wind and solar project gets off the ground in time for Earth Day


Virginia Tech


Y-WindSolar Connexion

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Education Community Education

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

YMCA - Basic Wind and Solar Power Generation


Wind and Solar - Handout

  • How to do it
  • Rules / Guidelines
  • Resources
  • Regulations
Advanced Wind and Solar - July 2011  
Planning Our Project
  • What we did and how
  • The Process
  • Problems / Risks
  • Theory to Practice

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